Sunday, March 02, 2008


BNPG Videoblogging Article

Our Mission

The Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group (BNPG), Inc. mission is to inform, educate, and to get people involved in the public access television process.

What We Do

The BNPG places a great emphasis on members being actively involved in the activities of the group. Opportunities abound within the organization for members and supporters who seek something to do that will assist in moving the organization forward in its work.

Some of the activities that we do include producing our own public access television show called “The PAT Show.” This show focuses on public access and media related issues, as well as being used to spotlight individuals and organizations that are doing positive things in the community. We also produce our own public service announcements (PSA’s) using BNPG members and supporters as talent. These PSA’s are used by our producer members as program breaks during their shows.

In keeping with the spirit of public access, the group each year holds its “Celebration of Public Access” day event. Started by the BNPG several years ago, this community event is used as a way to introduce and educate people about public access, and is held in conjunction with our membership drive. Each year the group provides support to the city’s PBS station (WGBH) by providing it with volunteers during its pledge drive, this is one way we partner with and support and build relationships with other media-related organizations.

Our membership drives are an important activity that we engage in as we seek to grow the organization, and take on new challenges and opportunities. Another tool we use to reach potential new members is our website; this medium has allowed us to have another level of flexibility in the way we inform, educate, and get people involved in access. Four times a year the BNPG issues its quarterly newsletter to members and supporters of the organization. The newsletter is provided as a benefit to members that we are proud to offer and that helps keep members up-to-date with upcoming events and activities.

In addition to all the aforementioned tools, blogging has been the most recent addition to our communications media kit. And with so many ways and ideas on how this medium can be used it is with a sense of excitement that we use it Visit one of our blogs at: Whenever and as often as possible we want our members and supporters to see, as well as read about the good work we are doing, thus we have an active Yahoo Flickr account where visitors can see pictures of the activities that we are involved in. Go to and type in bnpg, you will see pictures of a blogging workshop that the organization sponsored at the University of Massachusetts (UMASS). We look to add additional pictures from other activities we’ve been involved with.

Meeting with members and supporters at our quarterly membership meetings is an ongoing activity that we use to discuss and plan for future goals for the organization. Between the newsletter, blogs, and website our out-of-state members and supporters can easily keep abreast of BNPG events and activities, also we can be emailed anytime or day with questions, comments, or suggestions.

We realize that some of our needs can only be met by local BNPG members, but for all other needs we seek your support.

Financial supporter. All funds received goes directly toward our group activities and events. The BNPG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so all your contributions are tax deductible.

Volunteer writers. Individuals who can provide media related articles and stories for our quarterly newsletter, or website. Email articles to: "" Please submit articles as a Word document.

BNPG Blog Update

The Boston Neighborhood Producer’s Group (BNPG) is continuing its expansion within the area of videoblogging. Commonly referred to as vlogs for short, videoblogging is another innovative way for the organization to fulfill its mission of informing, educating, and to getting people involved in the public access television (PAT) process.

The BNPG anticipates using this new tool to share information about who we are and what we do, but also about other media related subjects as well. We are excited about the opportunity of reaching a wider audience of people, and increasing our membership using the blog as a part our outreach work.

With our blogging committee now in place we look forward to posting video blogs produced by the organization, and by individual members; online public service announcements (PSA’s); clips from our television show (The PAT Show;) media tech stories, and clips from group activities and events. The blogging committee will soon be crafting an outline containing guidelines surrounding the requirements, use, function, and restrictions surrounding the use of the blog by members and others. Feedback from members and non-members is invited and encouraged, we need your feedback in order to measure the effectiveness and usage this new tool.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


New BNPG Blogspot Editor

Hi my name is Allen Brown and I'm a BNPG member and the new blog editor for the BNPG Blogspot blog. I invite you to comment on our blog and the things you read on it. The BNPG is a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to inform, educate, and to get people involved in public access television. You will hear more about how to utilize this blog in the future, so please stay tuned.

Allen Brown,
BNPG Blogger Editor

Monday, August 21, 2006


BNPG on Flickr

The BNPG is on Flickr! What is Flickr? It's a great way to share photos, but this is too simple an answer that does not adequately explain how this exciting new web tool can be used. For the BNPG it's another way to share with members, supporters, and the community what we are doing as an organization. It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, well then the BNPG has a lot to say then, and expect to see more pictures very soon. View our Flickr photo gallery, simply click on one of the photos located to the left. Please feel free to leave a comment on our Flickr page, your comments are always welcome.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


BNPG Sponsors Blogging Workshop

August 12, 2006

The BNPG is currently sponsoring a series of blogging workshops that are intended to introduce its members and the community to a new and exciting way of sharing news and information. With a great deal of excitement and anticipation BNPG members began learning about blogging as well as creating there own blog during the workshop. Because many of our members are active television producers this new tool will prove to be invaluable as they share news and information, as well as their creative works with a much broader and diverse audience. As the media landscape continues to change and evolve it is the BNPG’s goal to keep its members and the community abreast and involved in these changes as they happen. Our organizing efforts revolve around empowerment---empowering individuals and whole communities through education and active participation in public access television, and through other forms of communications media. To learn more about the BNPG or on how to become a member visit our website at:, or by emailing us as:

For all BNPG members who participate in any of our blogging workshops, please post any questions or problems about your blog by leaving a comment on the BNPG blog and we will respond.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


All About P.A.T.

Watch the video

Movie Title: Public Access Television

Length: 1 min. 3 sec.

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File Format: QuickTime

Recommended browser is Firefox

By Ada Robinson, BNPG member

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Most of us know from practical experience that there must have been a noise when that tree hit the ground. However, unless someone was there to hear it, or better yet record it, the sound of that tree’s final crash will be lost forever. What does that tree have to do with us?

Everyday the mainstream media (e.g. TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc.) documents the issues and events that define our lives. Unfortunately, most of the themes that are important to our communities are of little interest to media decision makers. Like cars that are powered by gas, major media outlets need money to operate. To satisfy their advertisers, they resort to covering topics that draw the largest audience of readers, viewers or listeners. Subjects of interest to small constituencies are often overlooked. Without large financial resources, marginalized people and communities - like that tree - remain undocumented. Public Access TV changes that dynamic. Public Access offers anyone the tools to document and disseminate information to their local community. Rather than depending on ‘The Media’ to tell us what’s important, we can define our issues for ourselves.

Although Public Access TV does not currently have the reach or the power of mainstream media, it is important to keep Public Access alive and available so our voices will not be muted. Free speech is very much like the fall of that tree. You can say what you want, but if no one can hear you, your words will be lost forever.

This video was originally shared on by BNPG 101 with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Boston Neighborhood Producer's Group Officially Joins the Blog Community

From the President's Desk:

On Saturday, June 3, 2006 the Boston Neighborhood Producer's Group (BNPG) officially launced the BNPG Blog. We are excited about this new outreach tool because it will provide the organization with an additional tool to use to communicate with our members, the communities, and the world. Setting up the BNPG Blog is in keeping with our overall efforts to stay abreast on communications technology and trends, and to use it to help reach our goals and to fulfill our mission. Blogging is an effective tool to use for educating and informing people, and as a grass roots media organization that participates and supports public access television, it was a natural choice for our organization to choose blogging as means of being more effective in our outreach efforts. We will eventually be holding special workshops on blogging and how it can be used as an empowerment tool for both individuals and whole commnities. So stay tuned and be sure to visit the BNPG website to find out when and where the workshop will take place.

Your comments are welcome, simply click on the word "comments" below to leave your feedback.

Hiram Scott, President/Founder
Boston Neighborhood Producer's Group, Inc.